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3 most effective exercises to lose weight quickly

Want to lose weight? You want to get rid of that unattractive fat layer and to burn calories? Well, cardio should not be missing from your daily routine. The best known cardio exercise is … running. If you don’t like or you can’t do jogging, we offer you 3 alternatives. They help you burn at least as many calories as jogging and you can do them in the privacy of your home.

Jumping rope
Yes, the classic childhood game can be your savior! Fun and highly effective: burn up to 13 calories per minute by jumping rope. In addition, if you choose to jump rope instead of running you work a lot more muscle groups.

Hoop pushups/ burpees
This is the most effective exercise for weight loss, for several reasons: you can do it anywhere, works the whole body, it develops stability, flexibility and endurance and burns many calories.
How to do? Descend slowly in a squat, jump down in pushup position placing your palms in front of your feet and quickly go back in squat position. Then jump up. Repeat this procedure for 8 times, with 30-40 seconds break between rounds.

Jumping squats
Much more effective than regular squats, they transform fat layer in muscle mass, outlining your body harmoniously. One round has 8-12 jump squats, then pause for 30 seconds and repeat not less than 4 to 5 times.

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