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How to get the smoothest heels overnight

It’s getting hot outside, and if you want to go out in sandals, you must prepare your feet. Besides the perfect pedicure, you need the smoothest heels. Here’s how you can do this in just one hour:

The first step is to exfoliate your feet, focusing on the outside of the thumb, where mountings form (don’t forget about your heels).

Moisturizing cream
The second step you need to do in order to have the finest heels is to apply a layer of very fat cream that softens your skin and nourish it.

Cover your feet
Because your skin needs to absorb all that cream, it’s best to cover your feet in plastic wrap (the one used in the kitchen) and then put your warm socks on. Wait at least half an hour, and the result is guaranteed: smooth and hydrated heels.

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