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What happens if you apply baking soda on your hair

Baking soda is a true wonder for personal care. Besides its gastronomic uses, it has amazing effects on your hair. See below what wonders baking soda can do for your hair.

Baking soda can replace dry shampoo: Sprinkle a little baking soda in your hair and massage the scalp, then flick your hair to remove soda.

Baking soda provides hair volume: Add a little baking soda in your shampoo bottle. After washing, your hair will be soft, without impurities and full of volume.

Baking soda removes chlorine out of hair: if you spend much time in the pool, it is possible that your hair to accumulate chlorine, which will discolor it. Prepare a paste of dish soap and baking soda and apply it on the hair. Make sure you use a good conditioner. Amazing effects are guaranteed!

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