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11 things your wrinkles say about your health

Everyone has wrinkles and fine lines on the face, but did you know that they can provide important clues about your health? Find out what is wrong with you depending on the area you have wrinkles.

Horizontal wrinkles on the forehead
Horizontal forehead wrinkles are called “worry lines” for a reason: they usually occur because of stress. If they are highlighted, it means that you need a break or a short holiday to relax. Forehead wrinkles are close related to your stomach. They may indicate that you had too much sugar or that you had a high fat meal and you didn’t drank enough water.

Vertical wrinkles near the right eyebrow
If you have a vertical wrinkle near the right eyebrow it means that giblets placed on this side are a bit weak. Wrinkles in this area are related especially to the liver, so you need to make some changes in your diet. Green vegetables, sweet fruits or grains should be part of the diet. It is advisable also to give up coffee, spices and salt. Liver disease is very serious, so if you suspect that your body does not function properly, go to the doctor.

Vertical wrinkles near the left eyebrow
As right eyebrow is related to your liver, the left one is connected with the spleen. A vertical wrinkle in this area indicates problems with this organ. You can help spleen work better by reducing the amount of sugar you consume. If you’re craving for something sweet, eat fruit.

Wrinkles near nose
Some people have a fine line right on the nose base, between the eyebrows, and this indicates allergies. Experts say, however, that a wrinkle located in this area has to do with libido. Specifically, people who fall into this category have a lower libido than normal.

Wrinkles near eye corners
All middle-aged women face wrinkles near eye corners and those usually occur due to facial expressions. However, if they appear too fast, they can signal eyesight problems. In addition, the area is connected with the stomach, kidneys and liver, and wrinkles can announce that these bodies don’t work properly. Healthy eating and a bit of sport could be of great help for you.

Dark circles or bags under the eyes
A sleepless night lead to dark circles and bags under the eyes, but if your eyes seem constantly tired, you may have problems with your kidneys. Eat more fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water and you may get rid of them.
Dark circles and puffiness are also connected to the circulatory system and can indicate some problems. Yoga and massage will help solving them.

Cheekbone sensitivity
If you notice that the skin on the cheeks is sensitive or stained, you may have some internal problems. While the fragile skin in that area indicates digestive problems, spots appear when you have lung problems. If you’re struggling with breathing problems you should go see a doctor.

Red nose
A red nose is normal when it’s cold outside, but it is good to know that this part of the face is related with the heart and blood. If your nose is constantly red you should avoid spices, alcohol, coffee and fat food.

Vertical lines around the mouth
Many people have vertical lines around the mouth without knowing that this part is related to the colon. In order to have a healthy digestive system, it is advisable to consume fiber, vitamin D and to practice sports.

Wrinkles caused by smile
If you laugh often, it is normal to have prominent lines between the nose and mouth, but if you’re not, such lines may signal a pancreas that doesn’t work properly. Blueberries, cherries, grapes, garlic and spinach help your pancreas, so you can consume these foods with confidence.

Wrinkles above the upper lip
Not everyone has upper lip wrinkles. They usually occur in smokers and in people who have problems with spleen. More attention to nutrition will be of great help!

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