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5 skincare mistakes that can cause acne

Acne has many causes: genetics, hormonal changes during adolescence, menstruation, menopause, health problems (diabetes, digestive system disorders, immune system diseases), extremely active sebaceous glands, stress, lack of sleep and even diet.

Often, acne is caused by a deficient beauty routine. Here are some skincare mistakes that cause acne:

1. The use of cosmetics that irritate the skin
The most devastating ingredients for your skin are: artificial colorings (can irritate the skin and cause pimples if they are in lipsticks and blushes), lanolin (avoid it in oily skins cases), mineral oils (prevent dead skin cells to get to surface by pores), artificial fragrances (irritate the skin and cause pimples).
Before you buy cosmetics like make-up, foundation, lipstick or blush, check the label first.

2. Excessive face cleaning
If you have oily skin and you try to get rid of excess oil using alcohol-based gels or soaps, you risk triggering the production of a large sebum quantity, which leads to more pimples.

3. Makeup sponges and brushes can cause acne
Although you may have cleared your face properly, when you touch it with a makeup sponge that you’ve used it many times, you’re transferring a lot of bacteria in your skin pores. Makeup sponges for foundation must be used two to three times maximum and then discarded. Also, clean your makeup brushes with alcohol.

4. Using the face towel several times without washing
Although it may seem clean, the face towel is hiding in germs, bacteria and dirt you put on your face whenever you use it, creating supportive environments for acne. It is recommended to change your towel every day and to use it solely for your face. Do not even think to wipe your hands using the same towel!

5. Sleeping without cleansing
If you went to bed without cleansing in one evening isn’t a tragedy, but if you do this consistently, it can be the mains cause of pimples. Dirt accumulated on the skin surface and mixed with natural oils the skin produce during the night can create a favorable environment for pimples.
Tip: cleansing is mandatory and you have no excuse for skipping it.

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