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Abdominal fat: The delayed-action bomb

Premature heart attacks and strokes (40-50 years), early dementia and cancer (especially colon). All of them have something in common: abdominal fat – nowadays becoming one of the main causes of disease.
Abdominal fat affects both women, but mostly men. We see more and more men with breasts and bellies, and the number is increasing.

In most women, fat has a “pear” deposit type in the hips, while in many men, this submission is “apple” type (in the belly area) and is, in the experts opinion, a thousand times dangerous than the women type.

Skinny outside, fat inside
Even if you are skinny, fat might be a problem even for you, without knowing. A very interesting study showed that skinny people can have a large amount of fat inside.

Scientists measured using innovative imaging techniques, the external and internal body fat. Many people described the phenomenon TOFI – “Thin on the Outside, Fat Inside”. At a relatively skinny person, they found about 15 kg of inner fat deposited on artery walls, intestines and organs!

Fat – hormone factory
All this internal fat – visceral, but also the external fat (subcutaneous) acts as an endocrine gland, like a hormone factory that affects the fundamental health. This fat releases dozens of substances that affect all body functions, from blocking satiety sensation to brain function and sexual dynamics.

People with belly don’t know when to stop eating. They can eat large quantities of food and drink, and passively accept that their body knows what to do with them. He learned to store them. Until? Until there is no space available in the body, and from that moment diseases occur: diabetes, autoimmune diseases and cancer.

Fat – magnet for chemicals
Another alarming aspect is that fat attracts and stores toxins, chemicals, drugs and other poisons to the body, and transforms them into a delayed-action bomb.

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