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Banana Peel – The Most Effective Treatment to Get Rid of Acne Scars

Acne is a skin disease that is accompanied by inflammation and pus, which is not recommended to squeeze due to a high probability of scarring. There are a lot of special products for treating acne you can find in stores. They are quite expensive and sometimes the effect is poor.

Fortunately, there is an alternative – banana peels!

Because they contain many minerals (zinc, manganese, iron), banana peels dry the inflammation and have antibacterial properties. Starch prevents excess fat and narrows the pores. Vitamins A, C and E improve your skin color and the special ferments remove the scars left by pimples.

How to use banana peels:

You must perform the following procedures daily for one week (every morning and evening) in order to remove acne scars.

Wash your face with a very delicate product to avoid irritating the skin. Wipe your face with a towel.

Take a banana peel. Massage your face using the inner side of the banana peel for 10 minutes. If the banana peel deteriorates, replace it with another.

Let the skin absorb all the nutrients for a further 20 minutes. Rinse your face after.

Try this effective method today! It is the most effective remedy for superficial acne scars you’ve ever known!

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