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Black Walnut Tincture To Get Rid Of Pinworms

Constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain is just some of the symptoms that can be caused by pinworms, a problem faced by many people.  

You don’t have to feel embarrassed if you are in such situation, because it’s something normal giving the food we eat! You just have to see a gastroenterologist who can recommend you to take some analyses and see which type of intestinal parasites you have to treat the exact cause. Of course, most doctors will recommend medicines, but you can easily skip this part and try some natural remedies, more precisely, one Russian remedy that treated millions of people from pinworms over the decades.


  • 15 green walnuts
  • 500 ml of vodka

Chop finely the green walnut shells, put them in a jar and add the alcohol over them. Leave the mixture to macerate for 30 days in a dark and cool place.

How to administrate the black walnut tincture:

First day: put 1 drop of this tincture in 100 ml of water and drink it with small sips, in the morning on an empty stomach.

Double the dose daily until the sixth day!

Sixth day: add 2 teaspoons to 1 glass of water, and drink it.

Starting with the seventh day, increase the dose for another 5 days, as it follows:

  • add 2 teaspoons of black walnut tincture to 50 ml of water.

In the last 5 days drink the mixture twice a day on the empty stomach. It’s advisable to drink it in the morning and in the evening before dinner.

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