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Easy Steps To Cure Carpal Tunnel Naturally

If you experienced tingling and numbness in your hands and arms, then you might have the carpal tunnel syndrome! If the feeling persists and it gets worst with time then the disease is granted!
Carpal tunnel appears when a nerve in your wrist is pinched. In many instances, this is the result of a typical everyday activity.

The good news is that there are a number of methods you can try at home to ease your pain. And if those don’t work, surgery can be a highly effective treatment.

While carpel tunnel syndrome can be uncomfortable or painful, you can treat it at home. The first step to take is to stop the activity that is causing the compression.

1. Stop repetitive tasks
Typing, playing the guitar and so on, are the main causes for such pain. Take a break every 15 minutes, and wiggle your fingers. Then stretch your hand to aloud blood flow through your wrist and fingers.

2. Put on splints or wrists
Keeping your wrist immobilized and straight will relieve the pressure on your median nerve. The carpal tunnel symptoms are more common at night, so put on a splint.

3. Take care of your flexion
The most important thing in such cases is to avoid activities that make your wrist flex to extreme. Keep your wrist soft and neutral.

4. Warm hand
If you keep warmth to your wrist you will keep pain away and get rid of stiffness. You can wear gloves or keep your hands in warmth.

5. Exercises
When you have the time, do some wrist exercises such as stretching. Make a fist then slide your fingers, and repeat. Then rotate your wrist and stretch each finger at the time!

6. Hot and cold packs
If you experience swelling and inflammation then it’s time to use the hot-cold trick. Apply ice packs for 10 minutes, and then put on a heat pack for another 10 minutes to reduce pain and swelling.

7. Lavender oil massage
Massage your wrist with lavender oil for 5 minutes, and then wrap it in plastic foil. Let it act overnight or for a few hours.

8. Arnica cream

You can prepare your own arnica cream and use it every time you feel numbness to your hand.

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