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Folk Remedy To Get Rid Of Eczema And Its Itchy Symptoms

The appearance of skin fungal infections is a consequence of the excessive development of dermatophytes, and other types of microorganisms that attack us when the immune system is compromised. This type of infection is a common problem and consists in the appearance of white or red spots on certain areas of the skin. This dermatitis is also called eczema, and the skin can get a rough texture, becoming very itchy and reddish.

As a nurse I can tell you that I saw a lot of such skin dermatitis and aren’t a reason to be concerned, because they can be easily treated with natural remedies. And this particular remedy is the best way to get rid of skin eczema.

Combining natural yogurt with honey, you get a rich remedy for probiotics, enzymes and organic acids with the ability to adjust the pH of the skin.

The compounds of this treatment inhibit the growth of fungi and balance the beneficial bacteria, amplifying the power of natural defense.


– 3 tablespoons of organic yogurt
– 1 tablespoon of honey

Method of preparation:

Mix yoghurt and honey in a bowl. That easy!

How to apply

1. Apply the above mixture over the affected areas on the skin, and let the remedy act for 20 minutes. Then rinse it with warm water.
2. Apply this treatment twice a day, until the eczema disappears. You should see improvements after the third day of application.

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