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Forehead Compresses To Get Rid Of Purulent Sinusitis Overnight

Unexpectedly, in the cold season, because of the low temperatures, high humidity or the wind, we can expect to face with a “seasonal sinusitis”.

In addition to cough, fever, stuffy nose, and especially purulent nasal secretions, those experiencing such type of sinusitis can also be tormented by unbearable headaches sore throat, and ear aches. Sometimes patients can be confronted with depression.

If analgesic or drugs don’t have the desirable results, natural remedies may amaze you with their beneficial and curative effects. And I have the perfect natural cure that will put an end to this painful nightmare.

What do you need?

  • homemade marigold ointment
  • a piece of gauze
  • 6-7 lemon slices
  • ground black pepper

How to proceed?

At first, you must anoint your forehead with the homemade marigold ointment, and you have the recipe here.

Now cut a long piece of gauze (long enough to cover your head), and put the lemon slices on it (put them in the middle of the gauze), and then sprinkle black pepper on them.  

Apply this compress on your forehead, in the painful area where you’ve anointed yourself with marigold ointment, and tie it well behind your back. Then you can put on a beanie to fix well the remedy.

Leave this remedy to act overnight, and remove it the next day. I got rid of the pain the next day, but in some scenarios the pain may persist, and you can apply another cataplasm in the morning.

Tip: always cover your head with a hat, scarf or beanie in the cold season if you suffer of sinusitis, because the pain may reappear.

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