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Great Remedies To Get Rid Of Growing Pains In Toddlers

If your toddler is waking up at night with an achy leg, and in the morning the pain disappears like magic, it could be a growing pain. Almost 40 % of children suffer from growing pains at some point or another, and this pain occurs between the ages of 3-12. And as a parent, it just breaks my heart when I see my child crawling from pains at night, because I can’t help him.

These growing pains are actually leg cramps that appear most often at night.
So, I asked my pediatrician about a solution and he gave me some useful advice in alleviating my child’s growing pain.

Vitamin D
Growing pains are related to nutritional deficiencies. As the body grows at night, it needs proper vitamins. If it doesn’t find what it needs, then it will start “stealing” from other areas of the body, causing this way pain.
Vitamin D is obtained by sun exposure and, in my opinion, is the best way in administrating your child this vitamin, but you can also take supplements.

Bone broth
This remedy is rich in collagen, which is an important thing in bone structure. So, if you provide your little one the essential building block it needs, then it will start taking it from other areas of the body. Or you can administrate him the artificial way. So, prepare a healthy bone broth and give your child to drink every morning on empty stomach. You can find a great recipe here.

Giving magnesium to your kid you will solve both bone problems and muscle soreness. Magnesium is essential in building strong bones, and the best way to administrate it to your kid is to prepare a warm, soothing Epsom salt bath that will relax muscle soreness and get rid of achy legs.

Massage and heat
This won’t solve the problem from root, but it will definitely alleviate the pain. By massaging your calves or other hurtful areas the pain will fade slowly and it relax the leg also.
Applying hot compresses to the achy area is blissful! You may fill a bottle with hot water and put the leg over it.

Homemade magnesium body butter for leg pain

– 1/4 cup magnesium oil (for this recipe I prefer this form of magnesium oil because some people find other forms to be itchy and/or uncomfortable)
– 1/4 cup coconut oil
– 1 tablespoon beeswax pearls

How to prepare
Place magnesium oil, coconut oil and beeswax pearls in a pan and melt over low heat. Pour mixture into a mason jar and allow to separate (this should take about 30-45 seconds). Place your immersion blender at the very bottom of the jar, then slowly pull it up after about 30 seconds. Starting at the bottom helps to create an emulsion, which is a way of suspending oil in water so that they mix together. If you’re new to this process and want to see it – it’s the exact same technique demonstrated in my video about making lotion.
Once you’ve blended the body butter, add the essential oils and blend again. Set your timer for 7 minutes and blend one more time before transferring the body butter to a small jar for storage.

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