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How To Get Rid Of Ear Infections And Relief Pain

Common colds may aggravate, especially in children, leading to ear infections or larynx and sinus infections. And the strong pain caused by ear infections is unbearable. The good news is that you can prevent it from its first symptoms or to get rid of it with the following natural remedy.

Hot garlic compresses
A well-known treatment and used since ancient times is the garlic cure with extremely beneficial effects in getting rid of ear infections.

Boil 1 or 2 garlic cloves in half a cup of water until it softens, but not so much as to crumble. Wait for a few minutes to cool, and then put a warm garlic clove in each ear or split one garlic clove in half. Cover with a piece of cotton wool to prevent garlic from falling.

If it’s necessary, catch the garlic compress with a patch. Be careful not to push the garlic too hard into the ear canal so as not to irritate the area, and not to force the eardrum. Ingredients in the garlic composition have the role of destroying the bacteria that form in the ear, and the heat will relieve the pain.
You can also relief ear pain with hot water compresses or heated salt bags.

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