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How to get rid of kidney stones in 10 days

Kidney stones are a painful problem, many people from young ages experiencing this lately. Here is a natural drink that helps eliminate kidney stones in a very short time.

This drink is based on cereals – millet – and is a traditional Russian remedy. Maybe you didn’t know, but millet is very effective in treating kidney or urinary tract diseases. Here’s how you can prepare this drink!

Rinse 200 grams of millet in warm water and remove all impurities. Put millet in a large jar (1 gallon). Add 2 liters of hot water over it, cover the jar, wrap it in a cloth and leave it until the next morning.
You will see that the liquid will become slightly whitish. That’s your remedy against kidney stones. Drink one cup every morning on an empty stomach. If you don’t like the taste, you can add a little lemon or lime juice.

Keep this beverage in the refrigerator.

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