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How To Make A Natural & Nourishing Cuticle Cream

Taking care of our hands, ladies, is very important! Thus, I bet that more than once, you overlook those little cuticles. However, you are not the only one, I confess. But, the problem persists and I was on the verge of a serious issue with my cuticles recently. A thin layer of non-toxic polish wouldn’t cut it anymore. They started to split further and peel, causing an infection I was not ready to ignore. Thus, I had an idea of making a DIY nourishing and natural cuticle cream. I am using only natural ingredients to make sure these are beneficial for cuticles specifically. So, keep reading and try out this recipe.

I am sure you already know, cuticles actually protect the nails from any kind of damage and infection. Thus, we don’t need to completely cut them off. As a barrier to the nail growth, it is important to only push them back gently. However, when the situation is getting worse, we need to soften the tissue. Hence, the natural cuticle cream is born.

Especially, when I already have different essential oils around. Thus, since I have jojoba oil or vitamin E, I start to mix them to see what can I get. It is a quick recipe to make, taking only 5 minutes and going a long way. Thus, this means you don’t have to make it often. Check it out!

Here is the recipe for a natural cuticle cream that is very nourishing!

The ingredients you will need are:

– a glass bowl safe for heating
– a small saucepan
– 5 drops of vitamin E oil
– 4 ½ tsp of sweet almond oil
– ½ tsp of jojoba oil
– 1 tsp of beeswax
– 3 drops of lavender essential oil
– 5 drops of lemon essential oil
– and a small glass mason jar

Thus, to make this recipe follow the next instructions:

1. Start by filling the saucepan halfway with water.

2. Then, perch the glass bowl on top to make a double boiler.

3. In the glass bowl, you should combine the sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, and beeswax.

4. Heat and stir occasionally until the beeswax is completely melted.

5. Remove the bowl from the heat and then carefully dry the outside of the bowl with a clean towel.

6. Stir in the vitamin E oil and essential oils.

7. Finally, pour the mixture into the glass mason jar immediately and allow to cool at room temperature until firm.

Now, in order to use this cream, apply it over your polish or on bare nails. However, do not polish the nails right after applying this cuticle cream. The oils from this cream will not allow the polish to stick. You do not need a lot of cream, just a small amount will suffice.

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