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Leave Surgery Behind! 5 Non-Invasive Methods To Blast Off That Double Chin

Double chin is an aesthetic problem, but it can also hide health problems. This problem may lower considerably your self-esteem, and women are confronted with this problem more often than men. Of course, you can solve this immediately with surgery, but if you are afraid of it, you can easily try some home remedies to get rid of double chin. As any other natural remedy the effects won’t appear immediately, you have to have patience, and you will get rid of the unaesthetic double chin.

Diet to get rid of double chin

If you have eliminated the other causes, such as health problems, and you fight with extra pounds, then, my dear, you have to start a healthy diet. Remove any processed food, fatty foods, sweets and acidic juices. I know that you are tired in hearing you have to eat more fruits and vegetables, but this way you can lose those extra pounds and get rid of double chin.

Remove double chin with exercises

Exercises involving the use of the face and neck muscles are beneficial in getting rid of double chin. So leave your head on your back until you feel the muscle tense, and repeat this process several times until you actually feel your muscle working out. Some of these exercises you can find it here.

Massage for double chin

Massage is another option that, along with the others, can help you get rid of double chin faster. Use Argan oil and massage for 5 minutes, both in the morning and in the evening, the chin and neck areas. The movements must be descending, starting with your chin and ending with your neckline. This will improve the movement and appearance of the skin and tone the muscles.

Natural remedies for double chin

There are a few plants that do real wonders in diminishing the appearance of double chin. Every evening, after you have finished the exercises and massaging the area, cover your chin with a compress soaked in dandelion tea. Also, you can apply cabbage leaves directly to the chin in form compresses, because they have the ability to burn fat outside-in. from the outside.

Natural masks to diminish double chin

Every two days it’s advisable to apply a clay mask on your neck and neckline and let it act overnight. Clay has a great absorption power, is a good skin detoxifier and at the same tones your skin.

Another natural mask with visible effects is the one made from egg-white. It has the ability to shrink pores and, implicitly, to tighten skin tissues, giving firmness to the skin. Mix 2 egg-whites until a foam is formed and apply it over the neck area. After 15 minutes, rinse it with warm water and continue with a massage.

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