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Remedies For Osteoporosis: How To Build Strong Bones And Keep Them That Way

Bone strengthening is not something most people think about when it comes to health. With diseases such as cancer, heart diseases and diabetes, the health of the bones is a minor thing. But, will start taking care of your bones if I tell you that neglecting this part of your body may cause osteoporosis, a very painful bone disease that may lead to lack of motion.

The saddest part of the story is that over 10 million of Americans are suffering of this disease. And most affected are women.
But, fortunately, many nutrition and lifestyle habits can help you build strong bones and maintain them as you age.

1. Eat vegetables
Veggies are your best allies when it comes to strong bones, being the main source of vitamin C. this particular vitamin stimulates the production of bone-forming cells.
Also, vegetables are the main source of minerals which increases bone density.
For this purpose, green and yellow vegetables are highly recommended.

2. Exercises
Practicing specific types of exercises may help you build and maintain the health of your bones. Basically, exercises will strengthen the muscles, creating muscle mass, great in supporting the bone structure.

3. Vitamin D and K
Vitamin D is essential in bone structure, helping your bones to absorb calcium. And the best source for a high vitamin D intake is the sun. Staying a lot of time outdoors is the best way to catch some vitamin D.
On the other hand vitamin K is great in modifying a protein involved in bone formation.
And the foods rich in vitamin K are eggs, meat and liver.

4. Overweight
You should be very careful if you are overweight, because you are prone to develop a bone disease. Maintain a suitable weight is the best way to keep under control any bone disease and to protect your bone health.

5. Stop drinking sodas
Cut of coke and other acidic sodas because these juices can literally eat you bones due the phosphoric acid found these sugary drinks.

6. Go easy on the coffee
One coffee per day keeps heart disease away, but only one. If you are a hard coffee drinker, you may want to slow down on it. And if you experience bone pain, you will definitely want to cut coffee off your list.

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