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Safe Natural Remedy To Get Rid Of UTI During Pregnancy

Pregnant women have an increased risk in developing a urinary tract infection between weeks 6-24 of pregnancy. These conditions are so common during this period as a result of the changes that occur in the urinary tract, because the uterus is just above the bladder. Because the uterus changes its size, it can block urine leakage from the bladder, causing a urinary infection.

Getting rid of this problem during pregnancy it’s kind of hard because you are not allowed to take medicines, and most of future mommies struggle with the pain.

Although, doctors highly recommend natural remedies for such condition, because they have powerful curative properties and can’t harm your baby!

Fresh cranberry juice for urinary infection

You need:

  • a lot of cranberries

Prepare a cranberry juice by adding the fruits in the juicer, and drink between 4-5 glasses per day until the symptoms disappear completely. But don’t get fooled, and drink 3-4 more days after to prevent a relapse.

Another important tip is to drink 6-8 glasses of water per day, because fluids will help you clean the bladder.

  • Another option is to take warm chamomile sitz baths to alleviate the stingy pain.

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