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Strong Ancient Remedy To Get Rid Of Calluses Without Surgery

We all know that the main role of the heels is to protect the sensitive areas of feet. But the problem is when calluses appear because pain comes along with them, creating a real discomfort when walking. Calluses are of two types: hard and soft.

Hard calluses appear on the top of the toes where the skin is rubbing from the shoes you wear.

Soft calluses are moist and they appear between the toes, causing the same unbearable pain.

Most of the time, calluses can be easily treated at home using natural remedies instead of those expensive pharmaceutical products.

My grandmother treated my right foot from a disturbing callus using the nest remedy. It was the best treatment I can use for this painful feet problem, and I recommended it to my aunt (she used it after a failed callus-remover surgery), and the pain was gone and as well as the callus.  

You need:

  • 1 onion
  • vinegar

The mixture should be prepared as follows:

Slice the onion and put it in a bowl then pour vinegar over it. Let it macerate for half an hour, and then remove it.

How to apply?

Well, put the onion rings on the calluses and wrap your feet in plastic foil. It’s best to use this remedy before bedtime and let the remedy to act overnight. It’s advisable to put on a pair of cotton socks.

The next morning, remove the remedy, and wash your feet with lukewarm water.

Repeat this procedure every night, until the calluses are gone. The pain will be gone after the first use, and the calluses should disappear in less than a week.

Every night, before you put yourself to sleep, apply this mixture over the wefts and wrap the feet with plastic bags. The procedure should be repeated every night until the wefts disappear.

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