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Strong Potato Juice Remedy To Accelerate Hair Growth

Many women resort to all sorts of medicines, remedies, haircuts and even “magic tricks” to make their beautiful hair grow faster. Others use extensions or cut their hair, it doesn’t matter as long as you feel beautiful.
But, if you cut your hair and it wasn’t the smartest decision you could take, then you are probably searching for solution to make your hair grow faster.

However, although it is not easy, accelerating hair growth is indeed possible. You just have to keep your hair healthy from roots ‘till tops, avoid split ends.

The good news is that there are a lot of remedies to boost hair growth, but this one in particularly, is the best I know!

Potato juice

Potato juice has properties that accelerate hair growth. Here are the main benefits:

– Strengthens the scalp and capillary fibers
– Prevents hair loss
– Stimulates hair regeneration


1. Peel off 2-3 potatoes.
2. Cut them into small pieces.
3. Blend the potatoes very well in a kitchen robot to form a paste. Don’t worry if it comes out very thick.
4. Add some water (half a cup).
5. Strain the puree through a piece of gauze to separate it from the potato juice.
6. Apply the liquid to your hair and massage your scalp with circular movements.
7. Let the potato juice to act for 20-30 minutes.
8. Rinse with plenty of water.
9. Repeat this procedure 3 times a week for a month.

Image Credits: Wellordie

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