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The Garlic Bag Remedy To Get Rid Of Yeast Infection Quickly

Yeast infection is a major problem among women. This infection causes discomfort and itching, causing impediments to day-by-day activities or relationships. Therefore, it’s good to treat it as soon as you can, not to cause any complications. And if you treat it the natural way, the better, because side effects won’t be present and the infection will be exterminated. I would like to say for good, but every time your body experience hormonal imbalances, you might get a yeast infection.

Tested by many women, garlic is a powerful natural antifungal that will help you to get rid of yeast infection quickly.

Most women have had candidiasis at least once in their life, or they are struggling in getting rid of it. Even if the vagina contains beneficial natural microorganisms, inconveniences occur when they are multiplying. Well, what can I say…this is how our body works!

Garlic bag for yeast infection

You need:

– 3 garlic cloves
– a piece of sterile gauze

So, crush well the garlic cloves, and wrap the garlic paste into the piece of sterile gauze. Tie the gauze at one end to make a tiny bag.

How to use:
Just introduce the garlic bag inside the vagina (the way you do with a tampon), leaving the tied end at the exterior.

Leave the remedy to act for no more than 4 hours.
If you leave it to act for more than 4 hours, it might cause irritations to your genitals.

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