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Vaseline Ointment To Get Rid Of Cradle Cap In 3 Days

After I gave birth to my kiddo, I was confronted with some strange crust on his head that wouldn’t go with any dermatological solution or shampoo. And I tried a few! This crust is called cradle cap and it appear in the first months of any infant (very common among babies these days), so there’s no need to worry mommies!

After trying all sort of dermatological products, I decided to do my homework and search for something more effective, and I discovered this Vaseline remedy recommended by a doctor from Seattle, and I said, why not try Vaseline, because it can’t do no harm after wall!

And it didn’t! It actually helped me to get rid of that cradle cap on my baby’s head!

You need:

  • Vaseline
  • a small comb/soft hair brush
  • baby shampoo

How to proceed?

Well, I applied the Vaseline on my kiddo’s head with 15 minutes before the bath, and I let it do its job! In these 15 minutes I combed my kid’s hair, with small and tiny comb especially designed for babies.

After the time has passed, I took a bath to my baby and I washed his hair with baby shampoo, and I used a special dermatitis shampoo from the pharmacy.

The great thing is that Vaseline will take effect 3 days in a row but you have to apply it again after 3 days, even if the results are visible after the first use. It’s indicated to apply this remedy until the cradle cap is completely gone!

I’ve seen completely results after the second use, and I honestly tell you that not even a tiny crust was on my baby’s head!  

Image Credits: Ambersimmons

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