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What happens if you fasten a clothespin on your ears

Reflexology teaches us many things, and one of them is that when we feel pain in one body area, the best cure is … pain.

On the ear we find a small map of the whole body and with a simple clothespin fasten in the corresponding organ area, we can get rid of the unpleasant pain.

Phil Mutz praise the effects of this technique practiced in China and ancient Egypt, arguing that pressure applied on certain ear points can remove pain instantly.

1. Rear shoulder area
It is the area that connects shoulders and back. Mutz recommends that this process to be tested several times a day for optimum results. The clothespin is applied for one minute.

2. Internal organs
If you have a persistent pain in the abdominal area, you should see a doctor immediately, but to decrease the discomfort intensity, fasten the clothespin in the area no. 2.

3. Joints
The middle part of the ear corresponds to joints, and whenever you feel the pain, the clothespin should be applied to the middle ear area.

4. Neck and sinuses
Applying pressure to the area shown in the picture no.4, in the lower region of the external ear, will help reduce tension in your sinuses.

5. Digestion
Get rid of digestion problems by applying the clothespin above the area of earring piercing.

6. Head and heart
The bottom region of the external ear corresponds to head and heart. If you fasten the clothespin in this area you’ll feel better.

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