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What your nail polish color says about your personality

Red? White? Black? Nail Art? Here’s what personality traits your favorite nail polish color highlights.

Red – Self confidence

Nothing compares to the classic red! Not only highlights that you are a strong, confident person, but it also adds a touch of sensuality.

Blue – Trusted person

Only people who know what they really want from life and from those around them opt for this nail polish color, which is associated with stability and wisdom.

Green – Reliability

There is no surprise that your friends always ask for your advice and help. Unlike red, this color is associated with kindness, safety and comfort.

White – Free spirit

This color represents new beginnings. Be it a new house, a new job or a vacation, white nails show that is open to new possibilities.

Purple – Calm

A mix of red and blue, this color denotes calm and spirituality. Use purple with confidence when you feel demoralized and you will find the strength to go on.

Pink – Romantic

You love this shade whatever the season and whatever the occasion? Then you’re definitely the romantic kind of person that loves tender gestures and passionate moments.

Orange – Exuberance

You are the focus point of your group of friends and you like being surrounded by as many people.

Nail Art – Patience

You are person who hardly go crazy, who doesn’t like things done in haste and who treats every problem with patience.

Black – Power

Nobody gets in your way. This color can give comfort and protects against hostile actions from those around you.

Yellow – Joy

If you opt for this nail polish color then certainly you’re not afraid of being in the spotlight. Not only is the color that the human eye see it first (yes, it was scientifically proven) but also express joy and energy.

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